Backup and Save your SPOT Activity
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Backing up your SPOT activity:

Your SPOT account will only display the last 30 days of messaging activity.  We recommend backing up your data should you need to access it in the future. 

To back-up your SPOT activity:

  • Loginto your SPOT account

  • Click on My Locations.

  • Select Download beneath the Map and Message Filters

  • In the new window that appears, you may choose a file type (GPX, CSV, KML) to download the messaging info as it is currently displayed on the My Locations page.
    • Otherwise, you may choose Advanced Download (recommended)

  • The advanced download feature allows you to adjust multiple features to capture all the data available for exporting to the available file types.  When you’ve completed adjusting the data fields, select Export to download the information.


Common Issues

My back-up data only shows 25 messages!

  • The My Locations page displays SPOT messages 25 entries per page.  You may not have used the Advanced Download feature and the SPOT messaging activity was downloaded as displayed on the My Locations page.
  • We recommend using the Advanced Download feature and adjusting the Date and Time range, as well as devices and message types, to save your data.

I can only get the last 30 days of tracking information.  I need more data!

  • Your SPOT account only displays the last 30 days of messaging activity for back-up and review.  We recommend performing regular back-ups to preserve your messaging history.
  • Should you wish to store your SPOT activity for longer than 30 days, we recommend using


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