Sending Help Messages
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Sending a Help Request to Your Contacts:

The SPOT Gen3 offers a help request feature that allows you to request for help for non-life-threatening situations.  If you had opted to add SPOT SOV to your account, the help feature will be replaced with SPOT SOV services.  For information on SPOT SOV, please click here.

To send a Help (or SOV) message from your Gen 3, please follow the steps below:

  • Find a location with a clear view of the sky.
  • Open the protective cover (two hands) to expose the help button.
  • Press and hold the help button until LED lights indicate the messaging process has started.

Once the messaging process has started your SPOT Gen 3:

  • The GPS LED will blink green to indicate that the GPS location is being acquired.
  • Once your GPS location is obtained, your SPOT Gen3 will send your help message every five minutes for one hour.
    • The Gen3 will reacquire your GPS location prior to sending the next message.

To cancel the Help message:

  • Press and hold the Help button until a red LED is displayed and allow the device to complete the messaging process.

Please note that turning off your SPOT does not cancel the Help message. 

We recommend communicating with the contacts you have configured for your Help contact list, so they are aware of what instructions to follow if they receive a message requesting for help.


Common Questions and Issues

How are Help message prioritized?

  • Help/SPOT S.O.V. messages are a high priority for SPOT. Help/SPOT S.O.V. takes priority over Check In, Custom Message and Tracking functions. Pressing the S.O.S. button takes priority over the Help/SPOT S.O.V. message in order to ensure the S.O.S. message is sent. There is no need to cancel any other modes to enter into Help or S.O.S. mode.


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