Low Battery Indicators
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Low Battery State:

For the SPOT Gen 3, there are two indicators for a low battery state.

  • The power LED will blink red when batteries are low.

  • The My Locations page will display a low battery icon in the rightmost column of displayed messages

Please note that extreme weather conditions may have an impact on battery life and performance.  We recommend bringing spare batteries with you on your adventures.


Common Issues

My device keeps turning off by itself

  • The SPOT Gen 3 has been designed to effectively manage your battery power.  If your device is not actively sending a message or in tracking mode, the SPOT Gen3 will turn off after 1 hour to preserve battery life.

My batteries are dying very quickly

  • What type of batteries are you using?  Alkaline batteries do not perform as Lithium or NiMH batteries and will drain faster. 
  • Are you using a low tracking interval?  Low tracking intervals cause the device to communicate more often with our satellites and will consume your batteries faster.

What type of battery life can I expect from my SPOT Gen 3?

  • The life of your Li or NiMH batteries are generally based on the number of messages that are sent from your device.  If you would like to see a general estimate, please click here.

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