Dock Mode
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Dock Mode is designed for customers who purchase a SPOT Gen3 for asset monitoring a vessel that is primarily stored on the water. Dock Mode changes the way your SPOT determines new movement from motion activated to distance travelled, to accommodate for the constant movement of a vessel on the water.

When multiple track points with similar GPS coordinates are detected, tracking will go into standby mode. While in standby mode SPOT will not send track messages, but it will continue to attain your GPS coordinates at the same rate as your track mode. Once SPOT has determined movement over a 200m distance, tracking will resume normally.

It is recommended that you line power your device when using Dock Mode. For Dock Mode to be active your SPOT Gen3 must be in Track Mode.

You will need to update your device settings for Dock Mode to take effect. To learn how to update your device settings click here.

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