Test your SPOT Gen3
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Testing Your SPOT Gen 3:

To test the functionality of your Gen 3 please follow the steps below to perform a button test:

There is a time-out function on this test and if the sequence of button presses is not performed quickly the device will stop the test.  Begin indoors so you do not send a false SOS or Help message.

Please read the steps below before attempting and ensure your device is turned off.

  • Press and hold both the tracking and power button simultaneously.  When the Help and SOS LEDs solid green to indicate a pass, release and quickly perform the next step.

  • Quickly press and hold both the SOS and Help buttons.  When all LEDs turn red to indicate a pass, release and quickly perform the next step.

  • Press and hold both the Check-in/OK and Custom message buttons.  All LEDs will turn green to indicate a pass which will complete the button test.

If an LED does not illuminate, per the steps above, it indicates that their may be an issue with your device and thus fails the button test.   If the device fails testing at any step, please contact Customer Service.


GEOS SOS Testing:

To perform a GEOS SOS test, by means of activating your SPOT Gen 3 SOS message, please contact Customer Relations.  DO NOT TEST SOS WITHOUT CONTACTING SPOT FIRST!


Common Issues

What if the lights all turn off?

  • All LEDs will turn off when the button sequence is not performed in a timely manner. Perform the test again and perform the test more quickly if possible.

One of the lights did not light up while all the others did.

  • When one light is off and all others are active- that button is not functioning properly and the SPOT Gen 3 will need to be replaced.

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