Perform a Firmware Update or Device Sync - SPOT Trace
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Making changes to your device settings will require the synchronization of your device with your SPOT account.  To update or sync the SPOT Trace the SPOT Device Updater software is required.  Please visit the download page by clicking here.

At this time, only Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

  • Install the SPOT Device Updater.
    • Open the downloaded file, run the install wizard, and follow the prompts.
    • After installation is complete the updater will open automatically.

  • Using a screw driver, remove the protective cover to the SPOT Trace USB port
  • With the included micro USB cable, connect your device to your computer.
    • When your device is detected by your computer, the Welcome screen will change to display the ESN of your device.

  • Enter the device Auth code and click Submit
    The Auth code may be found in the battery compartment.

  • Click Update Device to synchronize your device with your SPOT account.

Common Issues

I cannot find the auth code for my Trace

  • You may find the auth code of your device by logging into your SPOT account, accessing device settings, and viewing the device information in the left column.  
  • You may locate the auth code on a sticker in the device by opening the battery compartment and removing the batteries.

I’m not able to enter my auth code

  • If you are not able to enter the auth code in the device updater, the device is not being detected by your computer.  We recommend trying a different micro USB cable intended for data transfer.

I’m receiving an error after I click Update Device

  • If you are receiving an error, it is possible that there is a communication error with SPOT servers.  Please ensure that you disconnect from any VPN or proxy, then try again.  If you continue to receive an error, please contact SPOT Customer Support.

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