How can I change the time? My TimeZone is not set correctly.
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You can modify the default time zone for your SPOT account. Log into your account on

Click on the Settings & Billing tab and under the Time Zone section, click on Update. The Time Zone section will expand and you can then select your Country or Territory along with the appropriate time zone.

Any dates/times displayed on your "Messages" page will be updated immediately *but* it make take up to 4 hours for the timezone settings to be reflected in your outgoing email and SMS notifications.

If you use the shared page feature, the timezone setting applied to your account is not required. The shared page will display the date/time of messages formatted to match the timezone of the the viewer - which in the case of shared pages will be the timezone set on the local computer of your friend or family member.

The TimeZone set and stored in your account is not used for shared pages but only for outgoing email notifications and for the message time displayed within the messages tab of your main account at

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