Is there a quick reference guide for using SPOT in the field?
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This is a quick reference guide that we like to keep handy during an adventure:

First use: turn SPOT on, press the OK button and let cycle for 20 min
  • Tracking: Turn unit on, hold OK button for longer than 5 seconds    * Tracking turns off after 24 hours. Engage Tracking every morning
  • If On/Off light and OK light blink in unison for longer than 20 min., then you are in Track Mode
  • If lights blink in unison for only 20 min., you were in OK mode
  • Once in Track mode, holding down the OK button will cancel Track

Additional Notes:

  • One set of AA Lithium batteries = 14 days of Tracking
  • GPS Fix = On/Off and OK lights blink in unison
  • No GPS Fix = On/Off and OK lights blink out of unison
  • 9-1-1 Mode: Press and hold for at least 3 seconds unit you see green light blink
  • Cancel 9-1-1, press and hold button for at least 3 seconds until red light

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