Will SPOT work with the Australian phone system?
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For areas outside of the United States and Canada, SPOT offers its Premium Short Message Service (SMS).  SPOT’s premium Short Message Service (SMS) is used to send text messages to mobile phones. For locations outside of the United States and Canada, your basic satellite service plan will include 200 SMS messages annually.  You will be charged a per message fee to your credit card on file with SPOT for each message beyond 200 annually. You may decline SMS service by utilizing e-mail destinations instead of SMS destinations for your SPOTteam.  Full details of the premium SMS service and supported operators for your region are available at www.findmespot.com.

For Australia our Premium SMS Gateway supports the following service providers:

  • Telstra (Mobilenet)

  • Optus Mobile Pty Ltd

  • Vodafone Network Pty

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