Why am I not getting my email and/or SMS messages?
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SPOT sends messages to your contacts when the Check-In/OK, Customer, or HELP buttons are pressed on an active unit with a clear view to the sky. There are a few different issues that could cause a disruption in message transmission:

Make sure you have activated SPOT at FindMeSPOT.com/Activate.
Make sure SPOT is powered on before attempting to activate a message mode.
Tracking and SOS do not send email or text messages, you can only view these messages in your SPOT account.
Check to make sure the email addresses and cell phone numbers and providers are correct and your contacts are properly operating them.
Always keep your SPOT in a place where it has a clear view of the sky with the logo facing up.
Please keep in mind that even when the SPOT system sends messages, message delivery is dependent on the status of your network providers. This could mean that messages, like any email or SMS messages you send and receive every day, could be delayed. Please contact your mobile phone service provider, internet service provider or system administrator if you suspect irregular performance.

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