How do I reset my password?
Author:SPOT Marketing Team Article Reference #:AA-00117 Views:5479 Date Added:2009-05-12 12:00 AM Last Updated:2009-05-12 09:09 AM 0.95 Rating/ 18 Voters

Go to and click on "forgot your password". You will be asked for your user name and secret answer. Once both fields are answered, you can submit the page. SPOT will send you an email with your new password. From here, go to and enter the password exactly as it appears in the email.

Once logged in, go to "Accounts" tab then "Login information". There, you will see 3 boxes. Please enter your temporary password under "old password" and the next two fields will be to create a new password. You will then will receive an e-mail to confirm changes on account.

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