Tips to help send your first SPOT Check-OK message
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Take SPOT outside and make sure it is well away from any buildings that might block signal to any horizon where the satellites might be at the time.

Turn the unit on, wait 2 seconds and press, do not hold, the OK button and the light above it should begin blinking together with the ON/OFF button.

The lights should blink together for the entire 20-minute cycle. If at any time the lights begin blinking alternately, move the unit to a different location because it is telling you that it cannot obtain a GPS fix. The unit will not send an OK message if it does not have a GPS fix.

You must let SPOT complete the 20-minute OK cycle outdoors in the open to ensure best message delivery success. At the end of the 20 minutes, the light over OK will stop blinking to indicate the cycle is complete. If it is still blinking after 20 minutes, then you have put the unit into tracking mode.

Making sure you can send an OK message is a safe way to test your message delivery system from end to end.

Since they share the same button, if your SPOT is in Tracking mode, you must cancel tracking before you can send an OK message. A good rule of thumb is if the OK light is already blinking then you cannot start something new.

OK cycles do not have a cancel function. To terminate an OK cycle before it’s natural 20-minute end, you must power the unit off.

If you do not receive your OK message on the first try, move the unit to a different location since something may be blocking the signal where you first tried.
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