Can I have more than one message profile?
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A SPOT Message Profile is a way for you to personalize your OK and Help Messages and which friends and family those messages are sent to. You can set up multiple message profiles in your account.

For example, you could set one message profile called "Business" and one called "Weekend". Imagine getting ready to go on a business trip in a remote area of the world. Before you head out, you could set-up and switch to your "Business" message profile. Perhaps you may need to put your boss or a coworker on your Check-OK list. But of course you're not always working, so when you go out on a weekend trip you could switch to a "weekend" profile that maybe has just your family on it. Another situation is that perhaps you have a son or daughter that you share your SPOT unit with--so they can have their own message profile with their favorite contacts listed.

By having a couple messaging profiles you set up, you'll be able to quickly log in and change your profile as your weekly grind eases into your other adventure.

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