What happens if I depress the HELP button for roadside assistance and a tow truck cannot be dispatched?
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When SPOT and Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) receives "HELP" data transmissions sent from a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger and is not able to dispatch roadside assistance services, there is an escalation process that is followed.

No dispatch could happen for a variety of reasons including:

  • A natural disaster or other area-wide emergency exists and local authorities took over the prioritization of all emergency and roadside assistance services for your region.
  • Your GPS latitude and longitude maps to a location more than 100 meters from a known, regularly maintained roadway. Service is not offered in roadless areas regularly not traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields or other places which are hazardous for tow trucks to reach.
  • The NSD dispatcher was concerned that they could not get SPOT Assist Roadside Service to your location in a timely fashion, either due to its remoteness, the weather, call volume or concerns that the tow truck could not safely travel to your location.

The NSD dispatcher calls the primary and secondary roadside contact numbers you identified to notify them of the situation. The NSD dispatcher also provides the appropriate emergency responders for your GPS location with all known details of your situation, including your name, your GPS location and that NSD was not able to dispatch the requested roadside assistance. In addition, an email gets sent to the primary subscriber's email address on file with a note about the "no-dispatch" type of incident.

You may be eligible for reimbursement of any incurred roadside assistance expenses related to this type of event. NSD, at their sole discretion, will make the determination if, and how much of, any such expenses are actually eligible. If you have any such expenses and/or still have questions, please contact SPOT Customer Care at customerservice@findmespot.com or 866-OK1-SPOT (651-7768).

SPOT Assist Roadside Service is currently available only in the United States and Canada.


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