Can I download (export) my message history?
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Yes. Downloading your message history is a great way to save your data and use other programs to display your data. Message history is available in your account for the last 30 days. After 30 days, messages are no longer available. This cannot be modified. One easy way to download and save your messages, simply select some, or all your messages from the message table and then click on the Download link.

Choose your format and follow the on screen directions to save to a file or open directly in a tool setup to handle that particular file format (for example KML files should open directly in Google Earth). The file type and process vary depending on what you are going to use to display the waypoints. You can now download your messages to 3 different formats:

  • KML (xml format compatible with Google Earth)
  • GPX – the GPS exchange format. Compatible with many different applications
  • CSV (comma separated ascii file)
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